Former Vana Intern Answers Questions About Our Internship Program!

The goal of Vana’s internship program is to provide college students with real-world experience that allows them to be successful and apply what they have learned into action. We hope that our interns will gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience that they can utilize in their professional careers. Vana offers competitive paid internships. Our ultimate goal is to transition our interns into full-time employees upon graduation. 80% of our interns have transitioned into full-time employment. One of our former interns and current employee shares his experience below.




Name: Owen
School: Wright State University
Major: Computer Science
Graduated: May 2019




Questions & Answers
Q: When did you start interning with Vana Solutions?
A: I started in April of 2018 as a Software Developer Intern.

Q: Where did you first learn about Vana Solutions?
A: I heard about the company at the Technology First Digital Mixer that Wright State held. A variety of tech companies got to showcase what kind of work that they did to students who were looking forward to working an internship or looking for a future job. At that event I met with several Vana executives and was able to get a better understanding of the kind of work that I would be doing if I were to work at Vana.

Q: Tell me about your internship experience with Vana Solutions?
A: One of my goals during college was to work an internship each year that I was in college. So over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of previous experience, and I can say that Vana is easily the most enjoyable internship that I had. There are many things that I like about how Vana handles its internship program, and I think it mostly revolves around the ability and freedom to make mistakes. For example, in a lot of other internships there are a lot of restrictions that box you in and prevent you from really being able to grow into the position you’re working towards, but Vana really provided me that ability to grow and learn during the internship. Vana also gave me the flexibility to work part-time during the school year and around my hectic class schedule, which is why I was able to continue to work for Vana even past the original end date, through the next two semesters, and after college graduation.

Q: How has your internship experience with Vana compared to your other internship experiences?
A: The freedom aspect, which I touched on in the question above, is definitely a benefit of working at Vana. But beyond that, working here provided me an easy transition into working full-time. The work that I was doing as an intern was very similar to the work that I do now. I wasn’t passed off onto an ‘intern project’ but was working with other full-time employees on the projects and products that Vana provides. Vana’s rates were also better than most in the area, which I think is another plus that any college student can appreciate. Overall, the people who managed my internship at Vana handled it differently than other organization that I had worked for in the past. With a lot of the other internships, whoever is managing it usually doesn’t talk to you like an employee. At Vana, whoever I worked with treated me as a coworker as opposed to just some college student who might be here for a couple of months then leave. That was a nice touch, and I think it speaks a lot to Vana’s culture. It is the respect and the hands off, laissez-fair approach that the company uses that I appreciated. During some of my internships, the supervisor would hover over your shoulder to make sure that you were doing everything correct, but here they simply asked me to let them know if I needed anything. It showed that they really trusted me and believed in my ability to succeed.

Q: How would you describe Vana’s culture?
A: I would describe it as laid back. It is like a family here, everyone knows everyone and we can all talk to each other easily. We all get along, so there is no drama, and it means you can ask anyone a question and they are more than happy to help you.

Q: What are some things that you have learned during your internship here?
A: Independence is a big one because with my previous experience with school and internships there is a lot of overhead. Everything that you do would need approved or graded, but at Vana when I submit something there is the expectation that it is already quality, complete, and does not need to be scrutinized by someone higher up. I also learned how to talk to other coworkers as friends instead of coworkers. Despite vastly differing levels of experience in a wide variety of technical fields, I can have work-related conversations with anyone at the company and leave the conversations knowing that my opinions are taken seriously and valued. That is one of the reasons that I chose to work at a smaller company, as opposed to some of the other giant tech companies in the area, where sometimes you don’t get that kind of interpersonal connection.

Q: Were you offered a full-time position with Vana after you graduated? If so, when were you offered the position?
A: Yes, I was offered a full-time position in February of 2019, and I am currently a Software Developer for Vana.

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