TurboKT™ accelerates contract file management!

In 1908, the US Army Signal Corp awarded a fixed price with incentive contract to Orville and Wilbur Wright in less than 2 weeks… and that included issuing the solicitation, receiving 41 proposals, and completing the evaluation… AMAZING!

Imagine how this would happen today.

In the 21st century, organizations have different challenges;

  • Contracting systems are cumbersome and difficult to use
  • Contract file storage is archaic
  • Mandates for electronic records are looming
  • Modernization efforts demand change


View TurboKT™ here in this 2-minute video clip

Vana Solution’s TurboKT™ is available for your use today! It provides an innovative approach to Contracts Management using cloud-based, sustainable, and collaborative processes to manage contracts from Contract Requirement to Closeout. TurboKT™ enables process automation, virtual reviews and approvals, records management, leadership visibility, process transparency and reporting.

Let Vana Solutions help you fly right. Reach out to Makayla Miller at makayla.miller@vanasolutions.com or (937) 306-7117 to arrange your tailored demonstration.

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