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International Travel Approval Process


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Enlisted and civilian employees within the government must often conduct international travel for business and personal reasons. This international travel must be approved and requires certain prerequisites to travel. The process is manually intensive, spreadsheet and email-based process. Since the information and tasks required to obtain approval was based on the destination country and other factors, travelers were often unaware of the requirements, points of contact, and process required to obtain the approval. As well, travelers, nor others who needed to have information related to the travel request had the visibility into the status of the approval. This antiquated system often led to confusion, lack of necessary information, and delayed approvals.


The new application, ITAP, allows travelers and administrative assistants to initiate an international travel request, submit all required information and documentation, obtain all necessary levels of approvals, and obtain final authorization to travel. A roubust rules engine enforces compliance by allowing security compliance users with appropriate permissions to easily specify what information and / or requirements are necessary for each country of travel. Travel approval requests follow an approval workflow based on this rules engine and the traveler’s placement in the organization hierarchy. ITAP currently supports users at the Section, Branch, and Directorate levels. ITAP also provides users visibility and transparency into all travel approval requests within their purview.


Application is intuitive and easy to use. Business rules can be configured for each country of travel to ensure regulation compliance. Various convenience features exist such as the ability to save user profile information for future requests and the ability for assistants to create travel approval requests for other users based on permission levels.


Application provides users visibility and transparency into the status and requirements of all travel approval requests within their purview. Fully auditable as all actions are captured along with document version history to ensure the system is auditable on a 24/7 basis.


While regulations are enforced, users have the flexibility to modify parts of the approval process to accommodate particular exceptions.

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