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Comprehensive, flexible product manufacturing approval and implementation solution.


Visibility | Efficiency | Collaboration

Taking a concept to manufacturing a physical product is a daunting process. This requires the Product Manager to initiate the validation of the idea and move it through the organization’s approval process ultimately  preparing for a successful launch. ProductTrak addresses the need to consolidate approvals, share information amongst cross-functional stakeholders and automate tasks.


Vana has worked with global brands who have diverse procedural requirements and teams on multiple continents to produce a solution that addresses the needs of an organization to manage the product implementation process. ProuctTrak provides a solution that allows all stakeholders to identify where a new product is the lifecycle leading up to production and launch. An intuitive interface provides at-a-glance development status for products with the ability to drill into detail on an individual model and collaborate with various stakeholders. Product managers have the tools to derive costs and profitability information without the need for complex spreadsheets. The approvals process is streamlined to increase efficiency and visibility for organizational decision makers. Finally, comprehensive data is collected allowing companies to analyze the process and to make data-driven decisions that increase competitiveness.


ProductTrak provides intelligent routing capabilities for approvals across an organization. Each approval notification is customizable to include key information specific to the approver reducing the steps needed to move a product through the process.


Information relevant to a product and the approval cycle are contained in one interface. A single place for file storage, information requests, and approval status allows for greater transparency in an organization’s processes. Users are provided a range of access permissions to ensure security policies are enforced.


Part of the product manager’s job is to ensure a product not only meets a customer’s demand but also satisfies internal business requirements. Complex international manufacturing with ever-changing fluctuations is shipping and other costs makes the work even more challenging., ProductTrak provides product managers with an intuitive interface for automatically calculating metrics including profit margins, shipping costs, licensing fees, and tariffs.


Streamlining and making a process efficient is a constantly evolving activity. Without relevant data to understand baselines and where process efficiencies are possible, organizations lose the capability to maintain competitiveness. ProductTrak captures all data relating to the process and provides in detailed summaries for analysis. Taking this one step further, an organization can leverage data analytics tools such as PowerBI to automate and expand analysis that can lead to predictive and prescriptive analytics.

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