vKesi™ – Tasker

The vKesi™ Tasker application provides any government agency the ability to create and assign tasks to groups and individuals across the enterprise while maintaining full visibility on progress.


Increase task management efficiency while gaining visibility

There are a wide variety of tasks that need to be completed by different individuals and organizations to remain in compliance and get work resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Often these tasks are assigned via email with very limited traceability and traceability, resulting in critical deadlines being missed. The vKesi™ solution is used to help manage complex tasking processes across the government.


By combining our extensive experience in the defense and commercial sectors, Vana created vKesi™ leveraging COTS technology and Vana’s expertise to provide the federal government a lightweight adaptable solution that provides visibility, measurability, and repeatability. Applying the vKesi™ platform to tasking needs government agencies allows individuals to track a variety of different tasks needs without them getting lost in email traffic. Once submitted the user can see where the task is in the process and which group or person is currently assigned to complete the task. With the reporting and analysis capabilities the vKesi™ Tasker application shows how long each step of these tasks take to help reveal problem areas preventing it from being completed more efficiently. It will reveal any individuals or groups that may be overloaded restricting tasks from being completed.


Users can easily see where their task request is, how long it has been there, and what actions have already been taken to complete the process.


Increased visibility into task timelines and workloads to enable adjustments that will increase efficiency and productivity of the entire organization.


Can be utilized to task out various workflows that can affect multiple organizations and groups. At each stage the next step can be tasked to  a specific individual or a shared group for completion.


Application help and walkthroughs are built into the vKesi™ solution so the user never has to leave the current page to understand how to use the solution.

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