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You need people you can trust to help you get past the “word salad” so you can identify what would benefit your organization with the most positive impact and then help you deliver on those initiatives. We help our customers through the digital transformation journey with a disciplined and pragmatic approach.

You need a partner who understands the complexity and agility needed to quickly adapt to a changing environment. Vana is solely focused on addressing your needs first, then creating and delivering a practical solution to help you reach your objectives.

You have high-impact initiatives and success is the only option.  We will meet you where you are at in your journey and help you cross the river of chaos that is filled with various processes, tools, technology, and mindsets.

You need a partner with demonstrated performance delivering crucial capability at high velocity. Vana has a rich Cloud based low-code platform that accelerates capability and enables quick adoption. Our tools are flexible and configurable streamlining functional processes while providing visibility, transparency, and reporting throughout the entire life cycle. Our product suite is intuitive and drives efficiency saving both time and money.

Whether you lead an entire company, department, or a team of two, Vana will meet you wherever you are on your journey and help you get to the next level of success.

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Our Story

We’re proud of our name. So we want folks to know how to pronounce it!

Vana is pronounced [ VAH’ – nuh ]. Not [vă’ – nuh ].

1. Ancient word in Sanskrit meaning “forest.”

In the early 2000s, brother and sister founders – Sunit and Srujal Sheth noticed the disconnect between IT vendors and the customer. They sought to eliminate this disconnect by fostering deep relationships with customers.

Part of fostering a stronger connection with the customer meant providing more than just a single “IT service.” So they created a suite of services to help the customer achieve real business outcomes.

They selected Vana as their name, drawing on their heritage, and inspired by the meaning behind this Sanskrit word. (It didn’t hurt that it was short and easy to remember!)

As many different trees come together to form a forest, many different services come together to form Vana. Like forests continues to evolve and grow for the environment, so is Vana, for their customers.

proper noun
A digital transformation company.

Vana enables your competitive edge by guiding you through a digital transformation. They help your organization select, integrate, and optimize the right tech solution, which allows you to move faster.

Today, organizations are tasked with doing more with less. Although you may have strong IT capabilities, technology is not the only key ingredient to success with digital transformation.

Transformation happens when you figure out how to make progress despite your constraints – less money, time, and personnel, but higher goals.

Digital transformation requires the ability to coordinate your people and your processes, with the technology. Vana delivers success by ensuring the right solutions are implemented and adopted by your team. Much like a forest creates the right environment for all organisms in it, Vana fosters a symbiotic relationship across their partners, the business climate, and the technology environment.

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