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Leverage Vana's Strengths for Your Organization

Vana Partners With You ​(And Your Users)​ To Ensure Success

1. Understand your objectives before we talk about technology

  • We listen to and engage all the right users of your process to understand how they do it today, where the pain points are, and what the drivers for success are, before talking about technology.
  • We identify where things “go wrong” to present opportunities for improvement and automation.
  • We focus on change management, eliminating the risk of delivering a product that is different but not effective.
  • We think like a user. Our solutions allow users to focus on their jobs vs. dealing with inefficient processes that require workarounds.

2. Determine your success metrics for real impact

  • There is not a one size fits all approach to process optimization. We strive to understand the organization’s goals to establish the proper metrics to measure success.
  • Vana focuses on tangible benefits to your business, such as decreased time, improved output quality, reduction in errors, and lower human / technological waste.
  • A measured approach to success ensures that tasks are done at the right time by the right people.

3. Deliver value to realize your ROI

Vana introduces solutions to expedite this process:

  • Discover: Our proprietary epicAgile™ process creates a union between IT and your business practices. It ensures collaboration with end users to meet business needs. Without the proper discovery process, implementation is almost certain to fail.

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Global Bicycle Manufacturer

70% reduction in time to bring product from design to production

Business Process Automation,


Digital Transformation of Contracting Process.  

Business Process Automation, Software Development

Large Children's Clothing Manufacturer and Retailer

Utilize Cloud Platform services to digitally transform core business functions

Cloud Migration

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