Digital Journeys

Determine and implement your next steps.

Digital Transformation requires more than technology alone

Your digital transformation is accomplished in stages, but it’s not something you “finish”.

The journey requires a clear roadmap to accelerate, streamline, and modernize current processes using innovative technologies. Driving consistency, accuracy, user empowerment, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Strategy & Implementation

Process Optimization


System Design


Realize The Benefits

Simplified Operations

Provide a consistent, reliable data source, streamline processes, and analyze key performance indicators while reducing manual work to improve quality and reduce cycle time.

Integration ​A​cross ​The Enterprise

Access and share data throughout your processes, when and where you need it most. Break down organizational barriers to turn individual knowledge into organizational knowledge.

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Comply with ever-changing standards and regulations. Promote security through secure role-based access.

Digital Transformation starts here

While many organizations turn to their IT departments for opportunities to automate or create efficiencies, it’s essential to understand that a Digital Transformation can’t rely on technology alone.

Program, Portfolio and Change Management

Vana’s blend of Commercial and Public Sector management consulting experience helps us tailor solutions to not only meet, but exceed expectations by seamlessly integrating the right People, Process and Tools.


A hallmark of the Vana brand, epicAgile™ is built from our extensive experience in Agile Development. From setting up an agile framework to conducting agile assessments, training, and oversight the Vana team can help. Think agile is just for software? Let us show you how to apply these concepts across the full lifecycle from strategy and concept exploration through fielding and operations.

Risk and Compliance

Vana can help your team with program risk assessments and developing risk management plans. For government clients this includes Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) compliance and Records Management Readiness.

Program Management Office (PMO) Support

Vana is an experienced provider that supports a full range of PMO activities in Program Management, Engineering, Financial Management, Data Management, Cyber Security, Testing, and Logistics.

Technology and Innovation

Leverage Vana’s IT Services and Digital Transformation experience through out in-depth knowledge and skills. Get advice on innovative solutions on the cutting edge of technology.  Whether it’s a cloud readiness assessment or implementing AI/ML features, Vana has the expertise to guide you to the next level.

Program, Industrial and Cybersecurity

From our fielded DD Form 2875 solution, to our work with tools and techniques for security patching, intrusion detection, resource monitoring, and troubleshooting, Vana has the capabilities to deliver for your needs. Vana was one of the first commercial companies to obtain Authority To Operate (ATO) on the Government Cloud.

Digital Transformation In Practice

Global Bicycle Manufacturer

70% reduction in time to bring product from design to production

Business Process Automation,


Digital Transformation of Contracting Process.  

Business Process Automation, Software Development

Optimizing Process and Culture Through Digital Transformation With Vana’s vKesi™

vKesi™ Blog Post

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