Agile Training and Delivery

Discover the power of our epicAgile™ approach.

We are masters at developing an Agile culture for organizations

The effectiveness of a process can be determined by the ease with which anybody can walk in and apply it with successful results.

epicAgile™ is intuitive, repeatable, and scalable. The power lies in its simplicity, organization, and predictability.

Vana uses a proven, expertly-honed approach to ensure, above all else, you achieve the business outcomes you’re envisioning; beyond that of simply implementing technology alone.

We call this proprietary approach our epicAgile™ process:

Step 1 →

Define your business objectives, prior to understanding your technology objectives. It is critical to define what (business) outcomes you seek, not just what technology you think could solve the problem.

Step 2 →

Vana personnel immerse themselves into your organization to learn about the business side and what processes should be compared to how they are today. Then, and only then, can we move to the next step.

Step 3 →

Select, configure, and implement the best technology solution to achieve your vision. We don’t allow partnerships to bias the best decision for your organization.

Step 4 →

Continuously measure and improve your organization’s outcomes by listening to your users and evolving your technology and processes based on changing requirements.

Agile Delivery

Implement your solutions

epicAgile will help you deliver solutions that hit the target every time. Whether you need entire teams or just a few key roles, Vana can help you hit your target while embracing the change that keeps you ahead of the game.

Agile Training

Pragmatic, actionable instruction. This is epic. Have you walked out of a Scrum certification class and wondered where start when you got back to the office? epicAgile will provide you with everything you need to hit the ground running. We can customize workshops to use examples from your own project providing value from beginning to end.

Agile Coaching

Scrum is easy to understand. Difficult to master.

Vana never leaves you behind. If you find yourself missing the target or just want to be better agilists, Vana will be around to provide additional training or coaching based on your unique needs and your rapidly changing environment.

Our epicAgile™ Capabilities

Agile Best Practices

Our teams employ Project Charters, story mapping, frequent backlog refinement, clear acceptance criteria, sprint planning based on team velocity, continuous delivery, daily standups, sprint reviews, and retrospectives while our customized tool sets optimize efficiency and efficacy at each juncture.

Agile Coaching And Training

Our EpicAgile Scrum workshops focus on what it takes to employ Scrum from a tactical perspective. You likely have a conceptual understanding of Scrum. We give you the routines and tools to use at a tactical level in your day-to-day activities. So you can action it, not just talk about it.

Close Collaboration

We take highly complex needs and lead sessions to untangle them. Teams obtain a shared understanding of each requirement, the value it provides, and to whom. We are in constant collaboration with Product Owners to refine requirements, prioritize, and plan.

Discovery Feeds Delivery Feeds Discovery…

Teams collaborate with stakeholders throughout the initiative to discover needs and deliver in small increments. Delivery is then reviewed for further discovery. Discovery then feeds the next iteration of delivery.

High Performing Teams

Certified Scrum Masters, Certified Product Owners, and high-performing project teams understand stakeholder needs and provide technical expertise to deliver the solution. We eliminate wasteful activities and continuously refactor our processes so that everything we do continues to add value.

Project Transparency

You have direct access to the status of all work at all times. Daily standups and Kanban boards provide insight into work-in-progress and any impediments. Every two weeks, new features are demonstrated and reviewed with stakeholders. Burnup and Burn Down charts and other KPIs keep you apprised of your initiative.

Ready to Collaborate?

Whether you have a specific business challenge to discuss, or a vision to modernize your approach, we can help. Tell us a little bit about your priorities below and we’ll be in touch to start a conversation.