Leverage the power of your existing platforms & infrastructure

Enterprise wide platforms for improved connection & collaboration

Vana’s Digital Process Optimization applications are custom configured for your organization’s objectives, needs & processes.
Using tools, technology & infrastructure already in place. And adding additional technologies where needed.


End-to-End Digital Contract Management for the Government


No-code/Low-code applications, customized to fit your processes & outcomes.

Increase Enterprise & Operational Efficiency While Reducing Risks

Simplified Operations

Provide a consistent, reliable data source, streamline processes, and analyze key performance indicators while reducing manual work to improve quality and reduce cycle time.

Integration ​A​cross ​The Enterprise

Access and share data throughout your processes, when and where you need it most. Break down organizational barriers to turn individual knowledge into organizational knowledge.

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Comply with ever-changing standards and regulations. Promote security through secure role-based access.

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