Cloud Solutions

You hear all the buzz about digital transformation and understand the benefits of moving to the cloud and cloud migration, but need help leveraging cloud technologies and services to provide more cost-effective and scalable secure solutions that promote agility, stability, and scalability.

Focus Your Resources On What Matters Most

Don’t let your IT systems limit your ability to innovate. Activate your competitive edge by leveraging cloud solutions.

Remove Your Constraints

Traditional systems are cumbersome and expensive to upgrade. The cloud seamlessly scales as your business does.

Optimize Your Resource Allocation

The cloud maximizes your organization’s investment by focusing all resources back into your business and away from maintaining computing infrastructure.

Speed Up Your Deployment

Enable new applications and functionality in minutes, not days. This dramatically increases your agility and ability to react to change.

Implementation success through our proven process

Simply put, Vana is your partner. Hiring just a vendor won’t allow you to achieve success.

1. Cloud Architecture and Strategy

  • Access Cloud Maturity:
    • Where are you in your cloud journey?
  • TCO and Budget Planning:
    • How much does it cost to:
      • Migrate to the cloud?
      • Maintain capabilities in the cloud?
  • Reference architecture and road map:
    • Where do you want to go, and how can you get there?
  • Cloud Security: how to ensure you are protecting your company
    • Implementation strategy following security requirements and best practices
    • Regulations and compliance mapping to cloud implementation
  • Cloud Readiness:
    • What skills and people will you need on your journey?
  • DevSecOps Analysis and Strategy

2. Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Migration Strategy and Implementation Plan
  • Change Management Strategy
    • Support Staff Training Plan
    • Consumer Impact
  • Operating Costs Estimation (TCO)
  • Migration Factory: Repeatable process with minimal business impact
  • Validation and Performance Testing and Tuning
  • Post-Deployment Support Training and Transition


3. Modern Cloud Based Development

  • Modern and Modular Design
    • Microservices
    • Event-Driven
    • Serverless
  • Scalable
  • Agile and Automated
    • Infrastructure as Code
    • Automated building of applications
    • Automated deployment of applications
    • Security baked into the process with vulnerability scans
  • DevSecOps
    • Automated Environment Deployment
    • Security Built-in
    • Automated Unit Tests and Post Deployment Validations

4. Security, TCO, and Agility

  • Security-first Approach
  • Experienced architects providing the most cost-efficient cloud implementation
  • Agility-focused
    • Cloud projects use Vana’s proprietary epicAgile™ process
    • DevSecOps provides an automated, consistent process for feature deployment more frequently and with minimal risk

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