vKesi™ - Small Business Coordination Process (2579)

The vKesi™ Small Business Office Coordination application provides any government agency the ability to ensure agency small business contracting compliancy through efficient agency contract collaboration

vKesi™ - System Authorizaton Access Request Process (2875)

The vKesi System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) applicaion provides organizations to meet security compliance to help meet Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Financial Improvement & Audit Readiness (FIAR) requirements.

vKesi™ - Weapon System Modification Proposal and Approval Process (1067)

The vKesi Weapon System Modification Proposal and Approval Process application provides any DoD weapon system owner the ability to automate and tailor their weapon system modification proposal and approval process.

vKesi™ - International Travel Approval Process

The vKesi International Travel Approval Process (ITAP) allows travelers and admin assistants to submit travel request documentation needed for a travel approval process.

vKesi™ – Tasker

The vKesi Tasker allows any government agency the ability to create and assign tasks to groups and individuals across the enterprise while maintaining full visibility on progress.

vKesi™ – ProductTrak

The vKesi ProductTrak provides comprehensive product manufacturing approval and implementation.
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