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The rapid pace of change requires organizational flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly. You need user-focused technologies that support this new reality and evolve with your business needs.

Accelerate change & improve outcomes

The vKesi™ digital framework delivers no-code enterprise-wide applications customized to fit your processes and IT outcomes.

Combined, these applications form a digital technology platform, able to bridge the gaps between siloed legacy systems, inflexible enterprise systems and meet workforce needs.

And, as organization requirements evolve, individual applications can easily be reworked or replaced at a fraction of the time and cost of replacing large-scale systems.

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Proven Infrastructure

Built on your existing M365 platform, vKesi™ uses your existing investment, security, user profiles, and governance. Reducing risk, system administration, and saving time.

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User Focused

Our proprietary epicAgile process creates a union between IT and your business practices. It ensures collaboration with end users to meet business needs.

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Customized Technology

Customize to meet your unique process needs and deliver easy-to-use digital tools for your team. Automate routing, based on your rules and build-in approvals to meet audit requirements. 

What can vKesi™ do for you?

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Transform faster

No Code = Faster configuration and easier system maintenance. Fully integrated with existing M365 tools for reduced training & onboarding.

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Reduce non value added tasks

Process analysis & mapping to identify inefficiencies. Speed up processes with standardization, collaboration, and real-time tracking.

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Ensure data security

Store data on existing M365 environment, utilizing existing security and permission structure to dynamically secure access to data.

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Customized User Experience

Tailor forms, screens, dashboards, & work cues to create a customized user experience. Prepopulate fields & standardize options for speed, clarity, and data protection.

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Improve process governance

Improve data oversight, and reduce IT workload & enforce uniform policies. Easy scaling to add more processes and users as you need them. ​

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Data informed decisions

Access process data through real-time, built-in dashboards and reports. Identify trends to deliver improvements & drive best practices.

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vKesi™ Applications at Work

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HR Support - Employee Onboarding

Seamless integration & standardization of the process for onboarding 500+ new members each year. Improving collaboration & communication between 10 functional areas. 

Manufacturing Co - Engineering Change Requests

Transformation of engineering change orders from manual emails & spreadsheets to automated requests, routing & approvals. Resulting in real-time tracking and a 50% reduction in process times. 

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Employee Portal

Development of a range of vKesi™ tools to streamline & support the employee experience. Including expense reporting, annual reviews & career development, and travel authorizations.

System Authorization Access Request Process (2875)

The vKesiTM System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) application provides organizations to meet security compliance to help meet Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Financial Improvement & Audit Readiness (FIAR) requirements.
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HR Support - Disciplinary Process

Improved process times, visibility, and real-time reporting for the HR team, supporting 80,000 across multiple locations.  Delivering MVP in 56 days.

Operations Support - Test Approval & Tracking Process

 The vKesi™ tool replaced a manual spreadsheet/email system to track, route & approve mission-critical testing requests. In addition to process improvements, users now have up-to-date, central access to standard & ad-hoc reports.

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Whether you have a specific business challenge to discuss, would like to schedule a demo or just want to learn more about vKesi™, let us know and we’ll be in touch to start the conversation.