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Your organization has an enormous amount of data contained in disparate data sources. You need access to this information and data analytics tools to help improve insights and make informed decisions. Right now, it is impossible to access and use this data in a meaningful way to predict trends and use it for insight reporting to ensure your organization is “doing the right things at the right time”.

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There are various stages of maturity when it comes to handling data and extracting value from it.

We bring the right data analytics tools, processes, and expertise to help you deliver improved outcomes through data.

Start now, with a structured approach

Data science involves developing methods of collecting, storing, and analyzing data to extract useful information. It helps establish an environment where data scientists can explore and begin to understand the unknowns that will drive your work and your organization to the next level.

Data can provide answers – but you need to know what questions you want to answer first. Organizations often put the cart before the horse when implementing an extensive data analysis into a business strategy.

Vana bridges people and data to provide transparency and an understanding of the previously abstract world of disparate and unstructured data. We enable data science by reducing the time that data scientists consume performing cleansing, shaping, and movement of data by more than 80%.

Many organizations aren’t accessing existing data and taking advantage of the insights that may lie within. Vana can quickly deploy an environment where data scientists can explore your organization’s data through exploratory data analysis. So you can begin to identify trends and patterns that will carry your organization to the next level.

Your data strategy & architecture is your organization’s approach to collecting, storing, analyzing, and distributing data. Your data strategy will align your business strategy with the outcomes your organization is striving to achieve.

Your data strategy is crucial for your organization to graduate to more advanced capabilities, such as Machine Learning and AI. Many organizations expect data to solve issues for them rather than tell what the needed improvements are. With an effective strategy, data becomes more disparate and easier to use.

Vana deploys a framework that enhances the ability to align your organization with the correct data objectives. We utilize data visualization tools to help you spot trends, democratize data so more teams can access and use it, and distribute the right data sets to key stakeholders, providing the right level of information to the right audience.

Big Data refers to vast data sets that can be computationally analyzed to reveal patterns, trends, and associations that are not immediately apparent through human analysis. These insights help organizations streamline operations, identify susceptible risks, and identify new opportunities for operational improvements, financial savings, and profit.

As organizations take on increasing amounts of data, it’s critical to introduce new technologies and analytics tools that help turn data into valuable information. These data sets are too large, accumulate too fast, and are too complex for traditional computing environments. Without modern processes and systems, you risk gathering under-utilized critical data.

Organizations need a way to effectively capture, curate, store, search and analyze data to find new correlations, relationships, and trends previously not available.

Vana exposes a data catalog to align your business requirements and your data. Adding value for users, analysts, and decision-makers who can spend less time hunting for data and more time effectively managing and using data.

A data-driven culture is a purposeful, defined way of operating, designed to utilize data wherever possible to improve business efficiency and effectiveness.

Data is the foundation for transformational change in the commercial and government sectors. It’s the basis for future technologies and solutions. Without it, organizations risk making costly decisions with poor or old data, and they will not be able to keep pace with the ever-changing environment in which they operate.

Organizations need a single source of truth to utilize to enable consistency in metrics, analytics, and insights. To achieve this, Vana helps you establish a vision for using data. We get buy-in from leadership by demonstrating how this shift in culture benefits current and future goals.

Data-driven organizations need to create a culture where people know what data is available and can quickly request access. Vana delivers best practices for managing change as it moves through the organization. We have proven experience in bringing transformational change to organizations and deploying solutions that enable them to become data-driven cultures.

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