An Agile Journey to The Cloud From The Employee’s Point Of View

The wind whipped around us as we huddled against the cold at the foot of the mountain we were about to conquer. I dropped my gear and introduced our new clients to our team. Stoking the fire to ward off the chill, we began planning our ascent. But as discussions progressed, I realized the newcomers were only partially listening – immersed in their own thoughts, stealing frequent glances up the mountain. I could almost hear their concerns. Would this be a treacherous journey over unchartered territory? Was their team ready? What dangerous pitfalls lay ahead? Had they chosen well in trusting Vana to guide them on this adventure? Would they reach the cloud, or would their journey end in failure?

Okay, so, that is a work of fiction but based on a true story. No, we didn’t start that cloud migration at the foot of a mountain. We weren’t cold – since we were in one of our meeting rooms at Vana HQ – but we did spend plenty of time getting to know our new client’s technical rep and discussing the process for their agile journey to the cloud. A cloud migration journey always starts with understanding concerns – and that particular client had plenty of them.

However, we had good news for him, and for you, if you’re considering allowing Vana to help you migrate to the cloud or launch in the cloud.

Vana is your cloud migration Sherpa

First, let me assure you that this isn’t a treacherous journey over unchartered territory! We have a proven agile-based method that has made us a preferred vendor for cloud migrations. It’s Scrum-based and ensures our team and our client’s representative are in lockstep during the process. I love working with our clients in this collaborative environment, attacking and overcoming challenges together, helping them improve their business. It’s electrifying!

Also, we’ve worked with a range of client personnel — from those experienced enough to handle the migration alone (if only they had the time) to those who were completely new to the technology and needed to lean heavily on our expertise. It’s all fine with us. We’re flexible. We work to understand what you need, adjust to your team’s level of readiness, and create a pleasant, cohesive environment for the trek.

What it’s like to ascend the cloud migration trail

During the migration, the team works closely together in our daily 15-minute Stand-Ups. We have open and transparent communication throughout the process. You’ll see decisive, responsive action and growth.

Also, we work with your team members during the process to guide them in getting up to speed in the cloud. Our clients typically take an active role, particularly during User Acceptance Testing, so that they learn as they go. Then, our 30-day training period will fill in the gaps so that they’re confident to take over.

The ‘perils’ of cloud migration

Will there be dangerous pitfalls? Not if we’re doing our job right — collaboratively. Vana does a thorough analysis with clients before partnering with them on a cloud migration. By working closely together and delving into all the details, we ensure that we have a thorough understanding of our client’s needs. Am I saying nothing ever goes wrong? No. But, that’s why our process is rooted in agile Scrum methodology – so we can quickly adjust to changes, together, and conquer.

You’ll be happy to know that the concerned client I mentioned earlier is now maintaining his system and growing more and more confident every day. Our former cloud migration clients are happily operating in the cloud. And, I’d say they would all agree. Choosing to team up with Vana is the right decision.

At Vana, we’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

Atop the mountain, the wind was even more piercing, but it didn’t matter. No one felt the cold. They only felt the rush of their victory. They’re journey to the cloud had been a success!

To learn more about what migrating to the cloud means to your organization, contact us to schedule a discovery meeting. While you may not be committing to the ascending this trail yet, it’s helpful to see where the trail leads before you start your journey. We can show you the way.