Optimizing Process and Culture Through Digital Transformation With Vana’s vKesi™

Organizations are moving to the cloud to provide users with secure and user-friendly work experiences.

The cloud creates a more scalable, compliant, and reliable environment. From a cost and maintenance perspective, SharePoint® Online can turn unpredictable capital expenditures into predictable operating expenses because the time previously designated to managing hardware, patching, and performing upgrades is absorbed by Microsoft®.

In order to maximize the benefits of the cloud, organizations need to develop a strategy that is not just about deployment and migration, but also focuses on process improvements that result in better end user adoption.

Developing this strategy is critical when organizations are facing the realities of aging workforces, siloed knowledge sources, and antiquated/manual processes. Transformation approaches need to be quickly adopted to keep current with an ever-changing digital landscape. This journey requires a clear roadmap that involves a variety of stakeholders and reaches far beyond silos and internal/external limitations to embrace change and innovation.

Vana’s vKesi™ platform facilitates this journey to accelerate, streamline, and modernize current processes using innovative technologies to drive consistency, accuracy, and user empowerment that enables:

    • Productivity Gains – Collaborative, repeatable, and sustainable processes
    • Agility – Adaptive and rapid change control that address organization and regulatory shifts
    • Reduced Risks – Analytics and reporting to monitor and measure success
    • Knowledge Management – Conducive communication and information sharing


What is vKesi™?

The vKesi™ platform enables the creation and management of repeatable workflows that allow authorized users the ability to collaborate and perform tasks in a timely manner. Key elements of the vKesi™ platform include:

    • Interactive Collaboration: Dynamic and ad-hoc connection of people, process, data, and content
    • Proactive Decision-Making: Enforcement of standardized rules and tasks.
    • Dashboards/Metrics: Flexible reporting to facilitate management of the process and resources.
    • Security/Permission: Process roles and authorization controls for content.
    • Document Organization: Version, audit, and search for documents associated with processes.
    • Government Ready: Optimized for hardened government networks and cloud environments.
    • Compliance Focused: 508 compliance ready.


vKesi™ fuels digital transformation by focusing on efficiencies, communication, and end user adoption. Buy in from leadership and participants is critical to the success of process automation. These groups need to embrace the change and communicate the value and benefit to the community.

Focus should be placed on understanding the timeliness for tasks. Communication from top stakeholders on what is expected from users is critical. Integrating Change Management practices are important as processes automate and improve. They help address behavioral changes and set proper expectations throughout the organization.

The effectiveness of a process needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Defining success criteria will help quantify the time saved in resources and time. Monitoring and adjusting the process enables visibility to leadership and agility to adapt to change. Broadcasting incremental success reinforces positive behavior, which results in a better user experience.

Digital Transformation – Evolution or Revolution?

Digital transformation is a journey with many twists and turns. Vana Solutions is here to guide you and provide best in class solutions that will make the trek a worthwhile venture.