Digital Transformation of the 2875 Process

At a Glance:

Development of a customized, no-code application automated the 2875 process, a frequently used, repetitive, yet critical process. Speeding up approval requests and eliminating a cumbersome email-based system.

75% reduction in time spent tracking down documents

Templates generated & automatically routed for signature

Process time reduced from weeks to 7 days

Users assign, monitor & complete actions inside the app.

50% time saving for report generation

Centralized & standardized data enables reporting at the individual, unit, or command levels. 

The Challenge: Balancing Security & Productivity

The Department of Defense’s DD 2875, System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) is vital for security compliance and meeting both the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Financial Improvement Readiness (FIAR) requirements.

However, for an Air Force section still using emails to request and route approvals, the resulting delays and inefficiencies were impacting productivity. Requests could take weeks to get approved and once an email had been sent, there was no visibility on the status or progress of the submission. 

The Solution:

Vana’s configurable Kesi™, no-code application was the ideal vehicle for transforming this email-based process into a digital solution. Deploying on the Air Force’s existing Microsoft 365 (M365) environment, the application maximizes use of existing infrastructure and reduces administration and setup time by using built-in M365 permission capabilities to manage users.

The application captures all information needed and handles the routing requirements for each request, based on the approval and governance requirements.

  • Manual tracking, emailing, and reporting have been replaced with a single database. Improving efficiency and reducing rework.
  • Automated alerts inform the appropriate users when an action is needed.
  • Realtime dashboards provide up-to-date information for all process users, enabling:
    • Requesters to track the progress of outstanding submissions
    • Approvers to monitor actions assigned to them
    • Program managers to oversee the entire process, and report on service delivery at the individual, unit, or command levels

50% time saving for report generation

Centralized & standardized data enables reporting at the individual, unit, or command levels. 

The Result:

Digitally transforming this important process has reduced the waiting period for new approval requests, allowed system administrators to increase productivity with less effort to monitor and maintain the process, and improved enterprise overall visibility into the process.

Delivering Compliance & Improving Security

The application’s integrated dashboards also facilitate the review and reauthorization of users with expiring access, considerably strengthening cybersecurity measures. Through continuously assessing and adjusting access permissions according to users’ roles and responsibilities, this process effectively protects sensitive systems and data from unauthorized access. Adopting such a proactive stance on cybersecurity not only reduces vulnerabilities but also alleviates potential risks linked to obsolete or unwarranted access permissions.

“We have been able to leverage vKesi to automate important user processes which were previously manual, labor intensive, disorganized, and prone to errors.”

Air Force Team, Project Manager