No Code Application Transforms Critical Engineering Change Order Process

At a Glance:

In under three weeks, a business-critical engineering change request process was transformed. From the manual routing of a complex spreadsheet to a customized digital, no-code application, delivering standardized data capture, automated notifications, and rules-based routings.

15 days to MVP.

Managing 100% of change requests.

47% reduction in process time.

Increased efficiency, with 25% reduction in man hours.

The Challenge:

For the client, a manufacturing company specializing in the design and engineering of measurement and control equipment, delivering the highest quality products and excellent customer service is paramount. Consequently, they are continually looking to improve and optimize processes that can directly, or indirectly improve service delivery.

The Engineering Change Order process was identified as a critical business process. As the business had grown and increased both the number and variety of products offered the legacy process used to manage the associated engineering changes had never been updated. The result? The spreadsheet used to track changes had become increasingly complex and difficult to manage, resulting in longer timeframes to complete orders and vital engineering time wasted tracking down missing information, and chasing updates.

The Solution:

The solution delivered was comprised of three key elements:

  1. Process Review & Optimization: Vana’s proprietary epicAgile™ methodology was used to evaluate the existing process, understand critical process elements, and identify opportunities and features that could increase process efficiency and deliver improved business outcomes. 
  2. User Engagement & Involvement: The Vana Team worked in partnership with managers, IT, and end users to ensure that the different requirements of all key user groups were identified and considered. Any new technology would impact all groups and participation in the solution helped to build buy-in from the beginning of the project. 
  3. vKesi™ No-Code Digital Application: a customized vKesi™ application application was developed to automate and manage the Engineering Change Process. The client was already using Microsoft Office across their organization and the ability to deploy on and leverage their existing infrastructure made vKesi™ significantly more attractive compared to other no-code platforms. 

Indirect Operational Activities represent a significant cost & efficiency saving opportunity for manufacturers. They typically =

8-12% of total operations costs

30-35% of FTEs

Source: McKinsey

The Result:

The extensive process reviewed enabled the Vana team to deliver a working prototype within days. Then, using agile development and partnership with users, the prototype was tailored and refined to deliver the final product.

Once in place the vKesi™ application completely replaced the legacy process and provided multiple advantages for users:

  • Improved collaboration and a self-service portal for users to verify information and track progress
  • Data standardization, based on validated data entry
  • Automated, rules-based routing of change requests
  • Individualized user dashboards, for users to view and complete assigned actions and approvals
  • Realtime updated and reporting
  • Internal system admins able to configure changes & updates

25% reduction in man hours.

47% reduction in process time.

In addition to the measurable outcomes and time savings, the client has also seen intangible benefits through improved collaboration and reduced frustration that stem from having inadequate tools. Improving service and satisfaction for internal customers, which in turn delivers improved service for external customers.

“With vKesi™ we do the same amount of work in less time, and with less resources”

Client Engineering Director